If you have been thinking about purchasing real estate close to the sea, you may be creating a list of pros and cons. Of course, real estate on the coast comes with a premium price tag compared to property that is located far off the coast. However, there are some significant benefits to living on the coast that will far outweigh the financial cost of coastal property. When you learn more about these benefits, you may make the decision that life on the coast is ideal for you.


Ample Recreational Activities


Staying active with enjoyable activities is great for your physical and mental health alike. When you live along the coast, you will enjoy easy access to activities like sunbathing, surfing, swimming, sailing, fishing, kayaking and more. This can help you to improve your health and manage your weight over the years.


A Good Night’s Sleep


Coastal air is different than air that is found farther inland. This is because air along the coast is charged with negative ions that allow the body to more easily absorb oxygen. The result is that serotonin levels are more equalized. This can improve your mood and decrease your stress level. It can also help you to sleep more deeply and peacefully at night, and this can have a beneficial effect on your overall level of health and well-being.


The Sun’s Health Effects


Our bodies depend on the sun in a number of ways. When your skin is exposed to sunshine, we naturally produce vitamin D. Vitamin D is responsible for improving the immune system, making bones strong and warding off autoimmune conditions like rheumatoid arthritis, Crohn’s disease and others. In addition, regular exposure to the sun in moderation can actually reduce inflammation that is common in skin conditions like dermatitis and psoriasis. While you do want to avoid spending too much time in the sun and use a lotion with UV protection when you are in the sun, ultimately, spending time outdoors and enjoying some sunshine can be great for the body and the soul.


Delicious Seafood


If you are like many people, you understand just how difficult it can be to find fresh seafood away from the coast. You may love to head to seafood restaurants while vacationing at the coast so that you can enjoy the fresh catch of the day. The fish simply tastes better, and it may be more chock full of healthy nutrients than fish that has been processed or that has been frozen before it was prepared. When you live by the coast, you can enjoy fresh seafood at a restaurant or in your own kitchen.

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